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Ketone Breath Meter now available in UK

Ketone breath meter now available in UK

Ketone breath meter uk

We have recently added a breath ketone meter to our online catalogue at Valuemed UK. This will sit along our existing range of blood ketone meters and urine ketone test strips.

 The development of breath meters for ketosis detection is an exciting new option for anyone put off by either having to finger prick repeatedly for a blood sample, or collect urine samples for repeat screening.

How to use the ketone breath meter

  • The breath test ketone meter is as easy to use and hand held alcohol testers, and can be used multiple times.
  • The breath ketone meter comes with 10 mouth pieces, so it can be used by different people, simply fit a clean mouth pieces.
  • For personal use the mouth pieces are robust plastic and can be washed and re-used
  • The ketone breath meter requires 2 AA batteries
  • Like breathalysers there is a 20 second count down warm up time before you blow.
  • You will need to be able to blow for 7 seconds to trigger the ketone breath meter

How does a ketone breath meter work

  • A breath ketone meter does not test directly for beta ketone bodies, but calculate the beta ketone levels by measuring breath acetone body levels.

How accurate is a ketone breath meter compared to a blood ketone meter

  • Because a ketone breath meter measure breath acetone rather than ketone levels the levels this does mean the levels compared to blood test meters will be slightly different and never quite as accurate
  • But in reality the accuracy achieved using the breath ketone tester comes very close
  • For ketosis diet testers the accuracy of the breath ketone meter is perfectly adequate to indicate if a good level of fat burn has been achieved.

Advantages of using a breath ketone meter to measure ketosis

  • No blood sample required so no finger prick
  • The breath ketone meter does all the calculation for you so what is displayed is the equivalent blood ketone level, worked out from the breath measurement of acetone,
  • Very clever, and very convenient
  • Great for frequent testing 

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