Collection: Covid-19 Test Kits

Covid-19 test kits

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)  test kits available to order online. MRHA approved fully CE certified lateral flow test kits in bulk packs for professional medical use and home saliva Covid test kits (spit tests) for self testing.use.

Covid test kits available:

  • ALLTEST COVID-19 Rapid Oral Fluid (saliva) Home Self-Testing Kit
  • ALLTEST Professional COVID-19 IgG Antibody Test Cassettes  (box of 40 lateral flow test kits for professional use)
  • ALLTEST Professional COVID-19 Lateral Flow Antigen Test Cassettes (box of 20 lateral flow test kits  for professional use)

Professional and home tests to detect Covid-19

Accurate and reliable test kits for Covid 19 antigen and Covid-19 antibodies. Bulk packs of test kits are for clinic or occupational health use only.  The new home Covid-19 antigen test kits works by testing a saliva sample, so no uncomfortable throat swab is needed. 

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