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40 eBketone Blood Ketone Test Strips

40 eBketone Blood Ketone Test Strips

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40 eBketone blood ketone meter test strips

  • Ketone blood test strips for Ebketone blood ketone meter
  • Packs of 40 ebketone blood ketone test strips for fast accurate beta ketone testing
  • EBketone blood ketone test strips only work in the eBketone meters system which allow fast, reliable and accurate measurement of real-time blood beta ketone levels (mmol/l)
  • Easy enough for home and self blood ketone testing when monitoring diabetic control and also suitable for ketosis induced in low carb diets
  • Accurate enough blood ketone test for professional clinic testing by GP's nurse specialists, out patients and health screening professionals
  • Requires eBketone blood ketone meter sold separately.
  • Ebketone test strips and eBketone ketone meter are manufactured by eBwell

EBketone test strip pack contents

  • 4 x 10 test strips (40 eBketone blood ketone test strips in total)
  • 1 code chip
  • Full instructions.

How accurate are the eBketone blood ketone test strips?

The eBketone blood ketone meter is calibrated using the RANDOX RB1007 assay by Hitachi to meet industry standards of no more than 6% variance compared to laboratory whole blood samples. The blood ketone test procedure has also been assessed and shown reliable in 3 independent clinical studies. This means you can expect reliable blood ketone test results comparable to laboratory ketone tests when using the eBketone blood ketone meter.

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Customer Reviews

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Pippa Morrice
Easy to use

I am following a ketogenic diet and I bought this monitor as it appeared to be simple and straightforward and importantly the diagnostic strips seemed to be reasonably priced.
I have used it for a week now and am really pleased with the results. It's easy to use, pain free for the actual lance and I have a reading within 10 seconds.
I would highly recommend this little device if you want to invest in a ketone meter rather than than urine testing strips.