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Cocaine Detection Surface Wipe Drug Test Kit.

Cocaine Detection Surface Wipe Drug Test Kit.

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Drug test to detect Cocaine and crack residue and powders on surfaces

  • Cocaine detection wipe drug test
  • Can be used on to wipe surfaces, bank notes etc to detect cocaine powder residue
  • Can also be used to test powder
  • Can be used in liquids including urine to screen for cocaine
  • Each drug test is individually wrapped and is single-use only
  • Very sensitive and specific test for Cocaine powder and residues
  • Sensitivity 300ng

Each Cocaine detection wipe drug test pack contains:

  • 1 x Cocaine drug test panel
  • 1 x Instruction

How to use the Cocaine powder and surface residue test kit

  1. Remove the test kit from the foil
  2. Remove the cap to expose the prong
  3. Keep  the cap as you will need it later
  4. Wipe the prong across the surface or into the powder you wish to test for Cocaine 
  5. Dip the prong into cold tap water to run the test
  6. Lay the test kit on a flat surface
  7. Read the result at 10 minutes 

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