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Wholesale On Call GK Dual Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter

Wholesale On Call GK Dual Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter

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Trade shippers of the On Call GK Dual meter starter pack for blood glucose & ketone monitoring. UK display model mmol/L

These pack only contain the meter with battery ketone control solution and instructions. No strips, lancets or lancing device is included.

Allows fast, reliable and accurate measurement of real-time blood glucose (mmol/l) and blood ketone levels (mmol/l)

Easy enough for home and self-testing when monitoring diabetic control and treatment.

Accurate enough for professional clinic testing by GP's nurse specialists, outpatients and health screening professionals

SRP £22.99 - £27.99

This metering system uses the following blood test strips. Wholesale test strip offers available here ON CALL CHOSEN Blood Glucose Strips and ON CALL Blood Ketone Strips  You may also consider the On Call auto-lancing device and the On Call 100 sterile lancets to up-sell with these On call branded meters and strips.

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