Drug Test Kits

Drug test kits for urine and saliva

We have an extensive range of high accuracy rapid drug test kits to test urine and saliva for drugs, available to buy online through this website, and also through our drug testing website UK Drug Testing. The drug testing kits are suitable for home drug testing, healthcare drug tests and workplace drug testing.

Types of drug test kits available to buy online at Valuemed:

  • Urine drug test kits to test urine for presence of drugs
  • Saliva drug test kits -oral mouth swab to test saliva for presence of drugs
  • Drug test wipes to test surfaces for drugs
  • Alcohol breathalyser kits

This is just a small selection of the ALL TEST drug test kits we have available to buy online in UK. 

For our complete range of drug test kits including back to lab drug tests for healthcare, workplace and NHS drug testing and wholesale drug test kits visit UK Drug Testing