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Buy quality Breathalysers and breathalyser spares and accessories from Valuemed 

Are you in search of reliable breathalysers and related accessories? Look no further than Valuemed, your trusted source for all your alcohol testing needs. With a wide range of alcohol testing products available, including single-use disposable breathalyser kits, digital breathalysers, breathalyser mouthpieces, and replacement breathalyser sensors, and over 20 years experience in breath alcohol testing, we have you covered for all your alcohol testing requirements.

Breathalyser Product Range:

  1. Single Use Disposable Breathalyser Kits: Valuemed offers single-use disposable breathalyser kits that are convenient and easy to use. These kits are ideal for personal use, workplace testing, or even for peace of mind before getting behind the wheel.
  2. Digital Breathalysers: Our selection of digital breathalysers includes high-quality devices designed for accuracy and reliability. These breathalysers are suitable for both personal and professional use and provide quick and precise alcohol level measurements.
  3. Breathalyser Mouthpieces: Valuemed provides breathalyser mouthpieces to ensure hygiene and ease of use when conducting alcohol tests. These mouthpieces are essential for maintaining the cleanliness of your breathalyser device.
  4. Breathalyser Sensors: If you need to replace sensors in your existing breathalyser, we offer a range of replacement breathalyser sensors that are compatible with various models. This ensures that your device continues to function effectively and accurately.

Why Choose Valuemed:

  • Easy Online Ordering: Ordering your breathalysers and accessories from Valuemed is quick and convenient. Simply visit our website and browse our selection to find the products that meet your needs.
  • Assistance and Support: If you require any assistance or have questions about our breathalyser products, our knowledgeable customer support team is here to help. We're dedicated to ensuring you have a smooth and satisfying shopping experience.
  • Wholesale Enquiries: For businesses and organisations looking to purchase breathalysers in bulk, Valuemed has a dedicated trade team ready to assist with wholesale enquiries. We offer competitive pricing and bulk purchase options to meet your requirements.
  • Free UK Delivery: We are delighted to offer free delivery within the UK when you spend over £75. This means you can enjoy the convenience of shopping online and have your breathalysers and accessories delivered right to your door at no additional cost.

At Valuemed, we are committed to providing you with top-quality breathalysers and accessories, ensuring that your alcohol testing needs are met with reliability and accuracy. Whether you need personal breathalysers, professional-grade devices, or single use disposable breathalyser kits or replacement parts for your digital breathalyser, you can trust Valuemed to deliver the right products to your doorstep.

Make the responsible choice when it comes to alcohol testing and order your breathalysers and accessories from Valuemed today. For any enquiries, assistance, or wholesale orders, feel free to get in touch with our team. We look forward to serving you and promoting safe and responsible alcohol consumption practices.

Breathalysers, breathalyser mouthpieces and replacement breathalyser sensors for sale:

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